Amy Nicole garments are all made from lycra fabrics. Some of which have undergone heat processing to create the holograph and foil print patterns you see.


In order to care and preserve the high quality of these fabrics, please follow our care instructions. Any other methods may damage and deteriorate the fabric used to make your unique pieces.  


Cold hand wash only 

Wash separately from any other clothing

Air dry in the shade

Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the garments

Due to the nature of lycra, all creases should fall out after air drying if they are hung or laid flat. 


The characteristics of lycra make our garments super breathable like sportswear. They retain their shape and stretch remarkably. They provide flattering, comfortable wear and hold you in all the right places. 

By following our care instructions your Amy Nicole garments will be there for you to wear over and over again.